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Rick's Pool Service, Inc.

Proudly serving Pinellas County, Florida since 1981!

Meet the Rick's Pool Service Team

Service Technicians


New Recruit with RPS

Commercial: East Lake

Residential: Clearwater


Over 10 Years with RPS

Commercial: Dunedin and Tarpon Springs

Residential: North Clearwater Beach and Dunedin


Over 10 Years with RPS

Comercial: Largo

Residential: North and South Pinellas


6 Months with RPS

Commercial: Largo Safety Harbor

Residential: Clearwater and Safety Harbor


2 Year with RPS

Commercial and Residential: Countryside and Central Clearwater


1 Year with RPS

Comercial and Residential: Tarpon Springs


7 Years with RPS

Commercial: Dunedin

Residential: South Clearwater and Dunedin


1 Year with RPS

Commercial and Residential: Indian Shores, Indian Rocks, and Clearwater Beach

Equipment and Repairs


2 Years with RPS

Comercial and Residential: North East Pinellas County

Managers and Office Staff


Over 10 Years with RPS

Route and Service Manager, Equipment Repairs, and Upgrades


6 Years with RPS

Office Assistant


3 Year with RPS

Office Assistant


Rick and Malinda

Rick started cleaning pools as a part time job during high school. After school he started his own cleaning route while starting college. Years of experience and education led Rick to get his own license and start working on pool equipment repairs. Over the years, the business grew to several trucks running out of the family garage, a remodeling division for a time, and now 12 trucks on the road every day doing cleanings, repairs, and upgrades.  

After more than 40 years of experience, education, and hard work Rick is still at it. He still cleans pools, preforms a good portion of the repairs, and is one of the leading pool experts in Pinellas county on the areas of pool operations and hydraulics. His dedication to quality has built RPS up to where we are today, and we're sure you'll love the work we do!

Malinda has been with Rick since before he started the company and has been a major cornerstone of its foundation. Malinda works to make sure the business keeps going while Rick is out in the field.

Malinda manages the day to day office operations and rules all the lands and titles of Rick's Pool Service. Hazah!